10 Healthy Snacks for your next Road Trip

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Getting ready for a road trip is so much fun! Mapping out which routes you’re going to take, which sights you’re going to see and of course the SNACKS! Who doesn’t love stocking up on their favourite snacks. Of course, there are the usual snack suspects – chips, pop and a big bag of licorice, but the thing is…after you eat all that processed food, you’ll feel tired, bloated and super uncomfortable. Nobody wants to start their vacation that way.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge on your vacation, but I like to indulge when I know I won’t be in the car for a couple days and I am able work off some of those treats. For the road trip portion of my vacation I always pack lots of healthy snack options, this way I can feel great when it’s time to get out of the car and explore the sights.

As I always say – when it comes to eating well, preparation is everything! A few days before your trip, make a list and go shopping. The day before you leave, get your snacks ready. Make sure you have a cooler and some ice packs or waterproof bag to use for refill ice. That way you can bring a variety of foods to keep you satisfied during your time on the road.

My 10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

1)   Lots of Water – Drink plenty of water while driving to help reduce food cravings, especially when the road gets long and you start looking for something to do. Use reusable water bottles and add slices of lemons or oranges for some awesome citrus flavour.

2)    Trail Mix– A road trip staple that can also be used for refuelling if you are planning any exciting outdoor activities along the way. Check out my Mojo Trail Mix video to get started.

3)   Veggies & Dip – I always load up on sliced carrots, celery, cucumber and red peppers before heading out on a road trip. Make life easy by grabbing a jar of almond butter for a high protein dip or make my Almond Butter Veggie Dip if you are feeling a little more adventurous. So good!

4)   Smoothie – Make a smoothie the morning you are leaving and pack any extra in a water bottle and place it in your cooler. Most smoothies will last (if refrigerated) for 24 hours. I always take a few litres of my Morning Booster Smoothie on our family road trips to enjoy.

5)   Quinoa & Chickpea Salad – Throw some chickpeas, shredded carrots & chopped celery in with some cooked or sprouted quinoa. Add some lemon juice pepper & sea salt to taste for a simple and clean road trip dish. (Don’t forget the forks).

6)   Kale Chips – Get your chip fix with some organic kale chips. You can make your own or pick some up at your local market. Better yet, give my BBQ Vegan Kale Ribs a try. They are the perfect road trip food!

7)   Dark Chocolate – Craving something sweet?? A little dark chocolate will do the trick. Want to go even healthier? Try making your own at home in only minutes – Here is my Guilt Free Chocolate Bar recipe.

8)   Bananas – One my favourite snacks. Easy to eat, super nutritious and satisfying. You can even load up your oven or dehydrator and make banana chips for the whole family to enjoy. So easy and delicious.

9)   Gluten Free Crackers & Hummus – A delicious, energy-giving snack. Use the hummus for your veggies as well. Want a tasty gluten free cracker to try? My Healthy Aging Turmeric Crackers are the perfect snack when traveling.

10) Vegan Energy Bars – I recommend vegan bars because there is a better chance they will be made with clean ingredients. Be sure to read those labels. Some energy bars contain just as much junk as a candy bar. I also have a few amazing bars you can make on your own in my book The Power of Food.


Keep in mind, even with healthy snacks, eating small portions is a great way to avoid the energy crashes and helps keep the fun going. And remember, drink lots of water, even if that means a couple extra bathroom breaks.


Don’t forget about the ride home. You can pack extra trail mix and energy bars, as they won’t go bad. Stop at a grocery store to stock up on drinking water, ice for your cooler and any extra foods that will help you avoid hitting a fast food restaurant on the drive home. If you eat healthy for most of your trip, you won’t come home feeling guilty and it will be easier to get back into your everyday routine. Oh Yeah!




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