1 Key Tip for Reducing Stress!

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I recall many years ago when I was working in Toronto, Canada doing operations for a small company, I lived with a lot of stress. My days were long and packed with endless paperwork, emails and things that just needed to get done.

Does this sound familiar to you? Always needing to get things done with little to no time to eat healthy or exercise? 

I also remember feeling uninspired by my office setting. 5-6 days a week I would arrive to work for an 8-10 hour day where I lived in a small, dark, cold room with frosted over windows that could not open.

Lacking access to fresh air, I would often find myself feeling angry, frustrated and fatigued. My computer had a light buzzing noise that was the cause of my daily headaches and my drawer was my vending machine. It was full of chocolate bars, mainly Snickers, which I used as my main source for energy.

Each day when I felt tired, I would open up my desk drawer, take a bite of chocolate and get a big burst in energy. As you may have thought, this only left me feeling more tired and needing to repeat the cycle over and over again just to survive my day.

I am happy to say those days are long gone.

On average, many of us spend more time at work then we do with our loved ones at home.

You have one life to live….RIGHT?

Why not add a little LOVE to your office space and make each day a little bit brighter.

Here is 1 Key Tip for Reducing Stress in Your Office. This tip is one I continue to use as a source of light. Many years ago it allowed me to remove some of the darkness I was struggling with.

This tip is called: Post a picture of your Happy Place! 

Your happy place can be somewhere you’ve been or somewhere you want to go. Maybe it’s on yacht in the South of France or in a hammock that over looks a beautiful lake; wherever it is, when you close your eyes and imagine it, it makes you feel good!

About 15 years ago I posted a picture on my office wall very much like this one…..

I would look at this picture every day to find an escape from the stress in my daily work routine – filled with poor eating habits and little to no exercise. My daily practice, following the 3 steps I share below, allowed me to build up enough strength to continue adding more techniques and tools into my life for reducing my overload of stress. I share many of these tools in my book e3 For LIFE.

These techniques allowed me to reverse my pre-diabetic state, lose over 40 pounds and reduce the impact of my depression and anxiety attacks.

Today my office is filled with inspiring pictures, but none compare with the outside view I now cherish. Take a look at the picture below of my office today and see what I see every day as my inspiration to breathe.

My Office View

Each time I look out my window I see my beautiful garden full of fresh living food that nourishes me and my family!

That is a far distance from where I was 15 years ago.

Does your office view inspire you?

If YES, please share what inspires you about your office space in the comment section below so others can use your techniques.

If NO, be sure to find a picture over the next 24 hours to place in your office to use as access to your breath. Get in the habit of using this picture daily as a reminder to take a deep breath and release any tension. Every time you notice your picture follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Look at your picture

Step 2: Close your eyes and visualize being in the picture

Step 3: Take a nice long deep breath in – hold for a few seconds – release your breath slowly

Taking 30 seconds to do this several times a day will reset your energy, lower any stress or tension and recharge your cells to vibrate on a higher level.

Are you worth 30 seconds of your time?

Now go and find that picture. Google the place you desire to be and print it out right now! Give yourself this massive act of LOVE. Share your Happy Place on my Facebook page. I love to hear stories that inspire and change lives. Oh Yeah!


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