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Is daily pressure minimizing your leadership performance?

Points of Impact:

  • Poor Decision Making

    Continuously operating from survival physiology where daily actions lack innovation & inspiration.
  • Emotional Chaos

    Your daily emotions create a biological chain reaction that directly impacts how others follow your lead.
  • Weak Solutions

    With pressure comes a decrease in brain function. This leads to slowed strategic action and a diminished quality in problem solving skills.

Opportunities at Hand:

  • Caring Decisions

    Leading by example with heart centred decisions inspires your team to elevate their commitment.
  • Enlightened Empathy

    Retention of great talent is directly impacted by the level of your emotional resilient. Empathetic leaders drive purpose driven results.
  • Customer Trust & Brand Loyalty

    With the right skills to manage daily pressure, customer & employee trust grows while brand loyalty strengthens.

Leaders with enhanced brain function are better equipped to manage daily pressure, leading to happier employees, resulting in:

Better Overall Performance
Higher Job Satisfaction
Less Burnout than Their Peers
More Commitment to the Organization

Saving you an average of $2,552 in medical costs per employee per year!

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"HART" Coaching

Discover the positive impact "Heart Activated Results Training" has on your ability to live brilliant everyday! It all starts the moment you commit to elevating your self-care. I'll help get you there!

Thank you Adam! That was the most useful hour I have spent in a long time and look forward to learning more."

logo-community-5-ymca— Gloria Clark, YMCA

As our company evolves to a healthy workplace, aligning with Adam has been extremely relevant for improving our employees mental health.”

logo_og_bi— Carolynne Mahood, HR Director IAP

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Meet Adam Hart

CEO, Executive Coach & #1 National Bestselling Author

Adam Hart, founder and CEO of “Power of Food”, has spent the past 13 years providing forward thinking organizations with a blueprint for optimizing executive leadership performance and employee wellness.

As a National Bestselling author & highly engaging keynote speaker, Adam has performed over 400+ presentations and guided thousands to reclaiming their health & happiness through enhanced emotional resilience.

Along with being a #1 National Bestselling author, Adam is also a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor awarded by the Canadian Mental Health Association, holds a BA in Sociology and a post graduate degree for international business management.

Adam has been featured in numerous print and online publications and has appeared on CTV, Global, National Geographic, Dragons Den, Breakfast Television, CBC Radio 1 and more. He is also the creator and host of the Shaw Cable cooking show “Power of Food”.

When Adam is home in Squamish BC, Canada, he can be found with his two young children playing in the family garden or high up in the mountains rock climbing, ski touring or mountain biking.

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