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The Power of Food guides you to knowledge that goes deeper than diets. Learn and see what extraordinary things can grow in the garden of your life as a result [...]."

david-wolfe— David Wolfe, author of Superfoods: Food and Medicine of the Future

Whether overworked or playing too hard Adam is the real deal when it comes to discovering how to enhance your energy with ease."

jason-louttit— Jason Louttit, Master Ultramarathon Champion

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Almond Butter Loaf 1

No-Bake Almond Butter Loaf

By Adam Hart

If you’re looking to fuel your sports with more strength, enhance your brain power to share your powerful message with the world or just looking for a delicious way to feed your kids a healthy dose of protein, I invite you to test out my new favourite “Power of Food” recipe. Both paleo friendly and […]

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Raisin Walnut Chutney Web

Raisin Walnut Chutney

By Adam Hart

With two little ones aged 5 & 2, making sure they eat healthy sources of essential fatty acids, quality protein & good carbohydrates as well as a vital supply of vitamins & minerals can often be tricky. Somehow over the past few years, my daughter Juliette has grown a very strong sweet tooth. Just like […]

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Brotherly Love copy

Brotherly Love

By Adam Hart

Just a few days ago, one of my closets friends of the past 10 years moved 4000+km away, to start a new chapter in his life. Connecting to my emotions around this event has been an interesting exercise as I try to make sense of the the feelings I am experiencing. You see, this was […]

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About Adam

I'm Adam Hart, a former pre-diabetic, overweight, couch potato turned mountain athlete and bestselling author. Over the past 10 years I have performed over 400 speaking engagements to hundreds of organizations and thousands of people looking to reduce the impact of stress on their lives.

My main focus is on helping employers provide their people with tools and skills necessary to reduce the impact of chronic stress while increasing the moral of the corporate culture.

As a proud father, loving husband, lifestyle entrepreneur and expert for living with more energy, I pride myself on delivering massive results for every organization I work with. Providing the ‘how-to’ action steps for creating meaningful change with ease is what I offer you.

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