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The Power of Food guides you to knowledge that goes deeper than diets. Learn and see what extraordinary things can grow in the garden of your life as a result [...]."

david-wolfe— David Wolfe, author of Superfoods: Food and Medicine of the Futur

Whether overworked or playing too hard Adam is the real deal when it comes to discovering how to enhance your energy with ease."

jason-louttit— Jason Louttit, Master Ultramarathon Champion

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This Sept 9th at 11am PDT I am hosting a LIVE TRAINING How To Lose 10 Pounds Without Dieting Register right now to secure your seat There are a LOT of areas you can focus on when it comes to getting healthier. Bottom line is, no matter where your health is right now, you need […]

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Homemade Tortilla Chips

What’s better than making your own food at home at a fraction of the cost of store bought items. A few weeks ago, my daughter Juliette and I were playing around in our kitchen, when we accidentally turned a pizza crust we were making into our very own scrumptious garlic tortilla chips. How excited were […]

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Coco Bread Web

Coco for Chocolate Bread

Family and friends are important parts of life. Often, when family life gets very busy, time spent with good friends becomes more cherished. With my family away for two weeks, I have been extremely mindful to make time to get outside and enjoy a few adventures with good friends. Yesterday I had the pleasure of […]

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100 o’ delicious & nutritious recipes.

24 profiles of my favourite power foods.

Sweet shortcuts that don’t require major lifestyle changes.

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Adam Hart, a former pre-diabetic, overweight, couch potato turned mountain athlete and bestselling author, has performed over 400 speaking engagements to hundreds of organizations and thousands of people over the past 10 years.

As a proud father, husband, successful lifestyle entrepreneur and expert for living with more energy, Adam delivers massive results to his followers by providing the ‘how-to’ action steps for creating meaningful change with ease.

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